What Clients Are Saying

"You are AMAZING Caroline! Thank you so much for a SPECTACULAR day and all the heart, love, fun and PRO-NESS you brought to the shoot!"

Marie Forleo, Creator of B-School


"Caroline is not only a technically brilliant photographer but she the rare ability to bring out your essence and skillfully captured it on film. Expect a fun, playful day with photos you'll be wowed by!"

Dana James, Food Coach


"Our whole experience working with Caroline was nothing short of flawless. From the moment we arrived it felt like a pure pamper party with snacks to fuel up on, great music to boogie to and a lovely team that made sure we looked our very best. It was straight up a top-notch experience! The whole day seemed to fly by and by the end of our session we had a whole slew of photos that not only captured the energy and vibe we were hoping for, but made us look amazing! Caroline was a complete gem and I'd recommend her to anyone looking to level up their photos and branding...I can't get enough of her! "

Jill Stanton


"I was a frustrated, wild mess by the time I saw Caroline. Nevertheless, she was generously flexible with me, brought an amazing and talented hair and makeup person, and was positive, relaxing and enthusiastic throughout the shoot and even extended her time with me to make up for my earlier disasters. Not only that, but she sprung into action and created set and lighting concepts that turned out the best photos ever taken of me - and that was before they had even been retouched! I wholeheartedly recommend Caroline for any photo shoot - she is extremely talented, professional, and SUPER FUN to work with."

Jessica Kupferman, Podcast Business Strategist


"I LOVED working with Caroline. She made me feel comfortable right away. I felt heard, seen and truly captured in an honest beautiful way. I LOVE looking at the video and the pictures we created that day. I get so many compliments about the lighting, the angles and the flow of the images. After my shoot with Caroline I can honestly say that my brand was elevated in a beautiful way. I invested in myself at new levels during this photo shoot and it shows in the way people reacted and the way new clients began contacting me to enroll in my programs. My income has doubled in the last year, and is set to double again this year. I KNOW that a piece of that puzzle is in the way my brand has evolved during and after my session with Caroline."

Elena Lipson, Divine Self-Care Mentor


"My experience with Caroline was amazing. I came into the shoot stressed and quickly relaxed and had a great day. I loved the spunky way with which Caroline called me out and encouraged me to shine. If your want your natural beauty and presence to be gorgeously captured, then look no further. I've not only had a lot of compliments on multiple images, but since using the images on my site my revenue has tripled!! Not to mention that my message of living a vibrantly expressed and ignited life has been translated through Caroline's camera, who is a genius with capturing the essence of the my work."

Dr. Saida Desilets, Author of the Emergence of the Sensual Woman


"I contacted Caroline when I saw that she'd be in London. Before I even spoke to her I knew I had to book. I was nervous ahead of the shoot and convinced that I wouldn't be able to communicate my vision clearly... Boy I was WRONG! Such a huge relief to finally have photography that not only meets my vision, but totally carries my brand. I'm now recognized all over the www for the distinctive style we created. I can't wait to go again!"

Laura Husson, Director Husson Media Ltd.


"Working with Caroline is a very special and transformational experience both personally and business-wise . She is more than a talented photographer with a good eye. Caroline knows how to put people at ease.She knows how to make you laugh and helps find the most favourable angles. She guides you to become your real self in front of her magical camera. She makes camera seem friendly not scary or intimidating. Caroline's gift is to help every women feel gorgeous and confident in front of the camera. She sees deep inside of your soul and creates images that tell your story to the world."

Nadya Andreeva, Author of Happy Belly


"Working with Caroline has been my favorite experience so far. She really took the time to understand me and my vision before we got started -- and shoot day was a blast! We played dress up, sipped champagne, and just generally had an amazing time. Caroline is the best I've ever worked with at putting you at your ease, and bringing out the authentic YOU. Literally every single person who tells me they visited my website comments on how amazing the pictures are. I regularly hear that they "make" the site. My business has grown significantly in the year or so since my new website launched -- without me doing any additional marketing! If you're thinking about working with Caroline, stop thinking and JUST DO IT. You'll have a ton of fun AND you'll earn back your investment 10-fold in no time."

Makena Sage, Copywriter & Marketing Strategist


"My shoot with Caroline felt like a couple of friends catching up for the day and having a blast. She makes you feel confident and comfortable, which was instrumental in capturing the essence of the work I do and the message I want to portrait. It was one of the best shoots I’ve ever been a part of."

Jovanka Ciares, Author-Speaker-Wellness Expert-Producer


"Caroline was able to read my mind on how I wanted to portray myself in my photos. My goal was to look like the cooler older sister to my target market. She wrapped that up and then some! I trusted her with the look of my business and she delivered ten fold. I wanted to start my business the right way - with professional photos for my website and my beta line of online products. I'm so excited to bring a level of credibility to my business that only could be achieved by working with Caroline White. People believe I've been in business for years when I've only been out there for about a month! It was such a fun process too. No stress - just show up and smile!"

Jordan Gill


"My experience with Caroline was everything I hoped for and more. Admittedly, I was nervous of whether the photos would be good—I’m super camera shy and can be awkward and I’ve had a few bad experiences with other photographers, but as soon as I met Caroline, all my concerns/worries were all gone. The #1 thing I enjoyed most about working with Caroline is how comfortable she made me feel! I was always laughing, I didn’t feel awkward as I had been anticipating and I had a great time. Once I saw the photos, it was extra confirmation that I made the right choice. I get so happy when I see them! She has a way of capturing your personality with all its quirks and making you look confident and relatable -all in gorgeous natural lighting to make you look amazing. OH and you get SO many to choose from. It gave my business the sense of cohesiveness it was lacking before. I’ve been able to feel more confident in putting myself out there and as a result generate more traffic/interest/business. It was one of the smartest investments I’ve made in my business and I would do this again without a doubt."

Dr. Nadia Musavvir, Naturopathic Doctor


"Caroline White perfectly captured my personality and brand in a single photograph. For this very camera-shy attorney, she turned our photo shoot into an adventure across Hollywood and DTLA in search of the perfect backdrop. After an afternoon of dodging cars, tourists, and a suspicious security guard, I ended up with a headshot that I am proud to display on my firm’s website."

Adam J Schwartz, Attorney


"My best headshot ever. Truly. I still talk about it...Dead serious. They wanted me to get another one to match the new 'branding' and I told them to shine it." (in reference to Caroline vs Kai being shot for Vogue)

Kai Ryssdal, Host of APM and NPR's Marketplace