2016-2017 Global Tour Dates

Have your photoshoot anywhere in the world.
Check out the tour dates to see if your dream location
is on the list and start packing!

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(subject to change)

Mid October – “Home”/ LA / So-Cal
Late October – Soul Camp West
Nov 3-7 – Elephant Sanctuary, Thailand
Nov 8-15 – Chiang Mai, Thailand
Nov 16-18 – Bangkok, Thailand
Nov 21st –  “Home”/ LA / So-Cal
American Thanksgiving – Chicago
Early December – Miami
Mid December to Early Jan – “Home”/ LA / So-Cal
Last 3 Weeks of January – Sydney, Melbourne, etc., Australia
Late Jan to mid Feb – “Home”/ LA / So-Cal
Feb 17-25 – Cuba
Late Feb – Early March – San Miguel de Allende (on retreat
                                                                   with Desha Peacock of Sweet Spot Style)
Early March – Mexico City
Mid March thru Mid April – Los Angeles & West Coast “Farewell USA Tour” 
Late April – Chicago & Toronto
Early May – NYC & East Coast “Farewell USA Tour”
Mid May through November – EUROPE EVERYWHERE!
Possible Europe 2017:
Paris, London, Hvar (Crotia), Iceland, Santorini, Amsterdam, Portugal, Barcelona