2019 Global Tour Dates

Have your photo or video shoot anywhere in the world,

or attend one of my magical retreats

Check out the tour dates to see if your dream location
is on the list and start packing!

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meatwork 5 by 3 for site sized againShoot Dates (may change)

(click on a city to see images by Caroline – all taken in that city!)

Feb 13-19, 2019  Adventure Retreat: Havana, Cuba (only 2 spots left – sample itinerary HERE)
thru April 8 – Los Angeles
April 11 thru 18 – New York City
April 20 thru June 9 – CALIFORNIA:
Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Sonoma, Napa, 
Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo
The June East Coast Tour: 
June 7 to 13 – Chicago 
June 13 to 19   –  Washington DC
June 19 to 26  –  New York City
June 27 to June 30  –  Boston
July  –  Los Angeles
The August West Coast Tour:
August 3  –  Santa Barbara,
August 4  –  San Luis Obispo
August 6, 7  –  Sonoma & Napa
August 8, 9, 10  –  San Francisco
August 12, 13  –  Seattle
Aug 14, 15  –  Portland
Aug 17, 18  –  Vancouver
Aug 20 to 30 – Los Angeles
The September Europe Tour:
ask about other parts of Europe!
Inquire about The Pink Castle Greek Islands Retreat – #3!
Sept 15 to 21 – Venice, Italy 
Sept 25 to 30 – Greek Islands Pink Castle Retreat!
Oct 3 to 10 – New York City
Oct 10 to 30 – Los Angeles
Nov 1 & 2 – Oahu, Hawaii (click for other Oahu pics by me!)
Mid November 5 to 15 – Japan (dates not exact)
Thanksgiving – Seattle
Christmas – Chicago
(me playing around in Downtown Los Angeles!) 
Also inquire about possible un-listed trips to:
Antelope Valley
I can shoot awesome images and portraits anywhere!
The many places I have experience photographing / doing video for clients in:
Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Texas, New Hampshire, Washington D.C., Virginia, Toronto, Mexico, Cuba, London, Paris, Greece, Italy, Barcelona, Portugal, Amsterdam, India, Thailand, Sydney & Melbourne.
I have also done non-client work in Iceland, Panama, underwater at The Great Barrier Reef, Vancouver, Croatia, Ireland and Cambodia,
And as far as retreats go, I have led 5 retreats of my own between Paris, Greece and Cuba.  Let me know if you need consulting on how to create, market and fill your own retreat.