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Client Spotlight: Writer, Speaker & Philanthropist Lyvia Cairo in Brooklyn, New York City

Client Spotlight: Writer, Speaker & Philanthropist Lyvia Cairo in Brooklyn, New York City

Lyvia Cairo’s personal branding photoshoot
in Brooklyn New York!

I absolutely LOVE florals and prints on my personal branding photoshoot clients. I know a lot of photographers say not to wear prints in headshots or for lifestyle photoshoots – I simply just have never understood this.  Perhaps because some prints don’t work on camera?  But this one certainly works!  I love a cinched waist too – so feminine. And any v-neck dress or top really draws the eyes of the audience up to the face.  Isn’t Miss Lyvia just so lovely? Twirling and wandering through the gardens.  BEING, enjoying. Getting creative inspiration from nature and the incredible Brooklyn Gardens.  Taking herself on a date. Lyvia is such an amazing and special entrepreneur. Writing, speaking, running a significant team, and also giving back. Simply my favorite kind of client. So full of love, creativity, joy, generosity, fun and trust.

This entire photoshoot is actually in Brooklyn! If you see a location you would like for your own personal branding photoshoot in New York City, just let me know. You can also check out a bunch of other New York shoots and great spots for taking pictures under my #cwpinnyc hashtag on instagram, or go here: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, uptown downtown, Central Park, West Village coffee shops with big bright windows. For these shoot, as I do with many clients, Lyvia sent me iphone snapshots of her in her possible outfits that she was thinking of wearing for her shoot. This helped us narrow down her wardrobe but also helped me get to know her style personality, and it helped me think and “marinate” as I so often say, envisioning different possible places for her outfits, and what the story of the photo is. Is it a voyeuristic moment? Are we a fly on the wall getting to see her creative process, her thought processes? Or is it a powerful, sexy, classic heroine shot meant to be a banner on her website?

It’s important to hire a photographer who really understands the online marketing and personal branding world and worlds, whether in Los Angeles, NYC, Paris, London, San Francisco or beyond. Your headshots and lifestyle shots tell the world who you are as an entrepreneur and make it so much easier for you to be remembered. So grateful for gorgeous Lyvia (I think she found me through Marie Forleo) and so excited to see her SKYROCKET, from the US all the way to her home outside of Paris – yes that is right! She is in fact French! (I personally like to just PRETEND I am from different countries when I am having my own pictures taken. France, Spain, Cuba, Italy, England…
Even just in my own mind. It’s so fun and really gets my imagination activated, takes away my self consciousness…)

And check out some screenshots of Lyvia’s photos in action on her site :